Vocal Coach Tamara

For ages 6-18 • Located in Beverly Hills or via Skype • 424.333.0355

Vocal Coaching for the Versatile Singing Voice and Performance.

Vocal Coach Tamara’s career and experience as a professional singer led her to coach her students not only on singing but also on confidence, stage presence and the delivery of the songs, giving them the tools and encouragement they need to shine at their performance and outside of it.

She works on multiple singing styles, Broadway Belt & Mix, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz.

Tamara’s professional website; www.TamaraGabrielOfficial.com    Watch Tamara’s Music Video    Watch Tamara’s Video 

                         She works with her students on:

  • Customizing a presentation of specific songs
  • Preparing for your audition
  • Improving your performance & stage presence
  • Improving/Building your confidence
  • Diction, vowels, and articulation
  • Developing vocal power and freedom
  • Basic warm-ups
  • Basic breathing technique and breath control
  • Ear training, tone, and intonation