About Coach Tamara

Tamara Gabriel is a professional singer for over 18 years. She has seen and taken every step in the music business and every aspect of working on the voice and performance. Tamara has performed around the world and across the country, performing at major jazz clubs in Los Angeles with her All-Star band, and at major private and corporate events for a crowd of more than 1500 people, in different styles and genres. She has also done recording session work for a record label and recorded jingles as well as voice overs. Getting this far in the business inspired her to give back and share her knowledge and rich experience with young people, as she knows how helpful and important it is to start building skills – the earlier the better.

Tamara knows that singing lessons can be crucial in training a child’s ear and singing awareness. Children not exposed to singing can grow up tone deaf, and children who sing but were never coached vocally often develop hard-to-break bad habits in their singing and performance. It is important that these steps be taken so that the child will be coached to sing and perform to his/her’s full potential.

Tamara knows young singers’ needs as her journey also started at a very young age. She first sang publicly in 2nd grade with her school’s choir and from 3rd grade and on as a soloist. She performed constantly at talent shows, festival, school shows and more. Later, she studied music and piano at distinguished conservatories and thereafter started working in the music business, as early as 16 as a professional singer/performer and talent.

Tamara loves coaching and working with the younger generation. She provides her students with all the tools they need to get them started, prepare them for performance, explore and expand their gift and build their skills to develop as young singers.

To learn more about Tamara’s voice lessons or schedule lessons, please call 424.333.0355