About The Lessons

Tamara helps students improve their singing the songs they need to work on as well as improving their performance. She helps to uncover her students’ unique singing voice and stage presence so that they can apply their voices to all forms of music or performance.

Each lesson is tailored to the individual singing style, stage of development, and vocal awareness of the student. She also helps them gain awareness of physical tensions and habits that can affect their singing style. Students experience a comprehensive lesson plan that allows them to enhance their enjoyment and confidence in singing while having their creative spirit flourish.

Improving your singing voice or learning how to perform/sing for the first time can be both exciting and maybe a little bit scary at first, but rest assured, Tamara understands that each student is unique and different, and her goal is to make the learning process enjoyable and coach in a way that’s fun and engaging.

Tamara brings to her coaching a unique perspective and affinity for working with young singers and actors. She is committed to nurturing her student’s uniqueness and helping them develop discipline and work ethics.

Her singing lessons cover basic tone, pitch, breath control, intonation, emphasis, volume, voice quality, posture, and relaxation that mainly prepares you to sing specific songs and the performance aspect of your material of any lesson, whether for a general audition/play/graduation/show, or to perform any of your songs for your family and friends.

To learn more about Tamara’s voice lessons or schedule lessons, please call 424.333.0355